La Petite Mort

by Invisible Public Library

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released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Invisible Public Library Kansas

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Track Name: Mile By Bloody Mile
Fortuna took her mother
far before her rightful time,
and dashed his brains across a highway
in the middle of the night.
and she came for my legs
and she came for my sight,
and sometimes it gets so dark
you think you'll never see the light.

So I shut my eyes and listened
to the grinding of the gears
orchestrate a tragic symphony
of all our grandest fears.
So I listened as the blushing blood
went pounding in my ears.
In those months that I was frozen,
well it surely felt like years.

\\ That's why I'm walking on today, my friend
I'm walking on today, my friend
I was not walking yesterday,
and I may not be tomorrow,
but I'm walking on today, my friend

We can never regain
all that we have lost
and it comes at quite a cost, but
this price we have is fixed. Still, we'll
conquer these plains
mile by bloody mile,
and it's easier to smile
with someone else's lips //

I'm not a harbinger of death,
I'm not a harbinger of doom,
but with so many of use suffering
beneath the selfsame moon:
Just as many varied colours
come together at the loom,
it's in concert that we'll conquer
as we try to cheat the tomb.

I was bruised and I was broken,
but sometimes that's what you need
to see that all of us in silence
bear a burden that we feed,
and the more hands that we lay to it
the lighter it will be. Still,
so many of us wait for someone else
to take the lead.

\\ //
Track Name: Communion Wine
I haven't forgotten
the carnival lights
in the square where we struck a new life.

and the clouds of white cotton
glued to powder blue skies
imploring us ever to try.

Schumann went crazy
from one single note
that he heard every day in his head.

Said it wasn't that easy.
Had to drag me by the throat
and beat down the path to your bed.

\\ la la la //

The shifting of sheets in the grey light of morning.
The shuddering whispers of breath.
The salt of the sweat; the destruction of meaning.
The palpable closeness of death.

Painfully mindful
of the presence of god
as we spilt all the communion wine,

and the body and blood
are the dirt and the mud
and the electric shocks in (your) my spine.

\\ Bite my tongue.
Breathe through my lungs of the smoke.
Thy will be done.
With quivering lips we have spoken:
"The vow has been broken away.
Live for today." //
Track Name: Hot Young Blood
Whether fired in this kiln
or ground to powder in this mill
we will remain.

We are molded from the earth,
but will not know what it's worth
with this hot young blood
pumping in our veins.

\\ I did cry
tears of ashes and flames. //

and the rockets in the dawn
showered amber sparks upon the open plain.

and the songbirds wheeling north
and the autumn wind blew forth
on the day that we would unify our name

\\ I did cry
tears of honey and rain //
Track Name: Lydia Mendoza - Yo Se Que Nunca
<< I couldn't find the official lyrics anywhere; here's what I sing, along with my (admittedly super-amateur) translation: >>

Yo se que nunca
besaré tu boca.
Tu boca de purpurra encendida.
Yo se que nunca
llegaría la loca,
apasionada fuente de tu vida.

<< I know that I will never kiss your mouth.
Your mouth, that pure, burning ember.
I know that the crazy passionate source
of your life will never come >>

Yo se que inútilmente te venero.
Inútilmente el corazón evoca.
Pero a pesar de todo,
Yo te quiero.
Pero a pesar de todo,
Yo te quiero.
Aunque nunca
besar pueda tu boca.

<< I know it's uselessly I cherish you.
Uselessly that the heart remembers.
But, in spite of everything, I love you.
But, in spite of everything, I love you.
Though I will never be able to kiss your mouth. >>